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Gabriella Piazza


Born in Naples, Gabriella graduated in economics and after earning a master-degree in Hotel Management she attended many specializing courses to develop her skills in operation and finance management in tourism. She matured a strong experience by working for over 16 years in several travel agencies and tour operators. Seven years ago, she founded and started Reisetipps Italia Tour operator, dedicating all her efforts to enhance and diversify the travel products range. She is daily involved in contracting and developing the business for the different branches of activities at Traveltips Europa. Chef in Italy™ is her latest travel product issue, with the specific mission to give the foreign travellers a unique vacation, which may mix up culture, tastes, colours, feelings and landscapes of Italy. Languages: English, Spanish

e-mail: g.piazza@traveltips-europa.it

Claudio Pezzella

Director of operations

Born in Naples, Claudio is a former Navy officer in the supply branch.He achieved two master degrees, the first one in Economics, the second one in maritime Economics & Sciences of transportation (he also boasts a master degree in music for classical guitar). Claudio attended many specializing courses for tourism and hotel management. He has been teaching “Marketing for tourism” in the high school for several years. In his professional path, Claudio mastered a deep experience as Hotel Manager for international hotel chains, he is a member of Italian Hotel Managers association since 1992.Enthusiast about cuisine, food and wine culture, he regularly attends specializing courses to enhance his knowledge of cooking and wine tasting. Claudio personally coordinates all the activities at Traveltips Europal. Languages : English, German, Spanish, Portuguese)

e-mail: c.pezzella@traveltips-europa.it

Noriko Nimura

Operation Manager Japan Area

Noriko boasts a master degree in “International Relations”. She is a perfect “tri-lingual” and has been working with all the most important Japanese tour operators and wholesalers for many years. Passionate about food and cuisine art, Makiko knows every corner of Italy. She will unveil the hidden secrets of Italian culinary art to our guests.

In all our tours, she is supported by a selected staff of “ Japanese speaking translators and assistants” which are under her direct supervision.

Languages: Japanese, English, Italian, French

e-mail : info@chefinitaly.it

Maria Francesca Piazza

Meeting & conference

Senior Consultant for Meeting and Conference. Mariafrancesca boasts a huge experience in the congress area business. She has worked for many years in several hotels as Congress Manager developing a wide experience and a complete range of knowledge in this such a peculiar sector.

She personally takes care of each single event along with skilled staff in order to achieve the higher customer’s satisfaction: thanks to Erika each “congress, meeting or incentive event always earns a great success “. “.

Languages: English, French
e-mail: info@traveltips-europa.it

Paul Ricco

Operation manager UK, USA, & Australia Area

Senior Consultant for public relations. Paul boasts a huge experience either in “tour operating “area or in the Hotel management. He has been working for several top tour operators and international hotel chains . He cultivates an old passion for food and cuisine, for which he attends master classes all over Italy in order to develop his own cooking skills. Paul is involved in the customer care and public relations area.

He is supported by a selected staff of assistants for the daily activities at the school.

Languages: English, French, Japanese

e-mail : paul@chefinitaly.it

Dario Pezzella

Tour Planning manager -Logistic manager -Web master

Senior Consultant with a degree in economics, and a huge experience in travelling. Dario carefully plans most part of our tours and package (in Italy and abroad) with an outstanding care to the details as to quality of contracted hotels, restaurants, wine/oil/food production factories an so on. He also contracts museums, bus services and local guides, as well as all main land services providers. His work ensures that our programs run smoothly and our guests are being provided with the best services. He also implements the web sites at Chef in Italy and other related travel products. Furthermore, Fabio is a great draughtsman and designer, being the author of our catalogue, of our “ompany logo and our funny “Chef in Italy comics stripe” (you may see it on the courses front page)

Languages: English

Debora Rossi

Reservation Coordinator

Born in Bolzano, Debora is our new entry at Chef in Italy. She is in charge of reservation department and also takes care of accounting for Chef in Italy. Debora’s enthusiasm for travels is matched only by her passion for food and kitchen. Some of the recipes of north Italian regions (Veneto and Trentino) which are the object of some cooking classes at Chef in Italy, have been suggested by her help and support.

The reservation department staff consists of assistants and “stagiaires”, all people attending the last year of high schools for tourism. Our job is a nice challenge for them and a great occasion to grow up properly.

e-mail : info@traveltips-europa.it

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