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Italian Botanic gardens : guided tours


As many people know Italy has the best botanic gardens in the world. They are wonderfully designed and notable for their flowers and exotic plants. The most popular area for garden visiting is the western coastal region extending from Florence through Rome heading to Naples; although Northern Italy also boasts outstanding gardens and antique villas : marvelous examples are situated on the Maggiore lake Islands. Several beautiful gardens may also be visited on the west coast of Italy, better known as “ Riviera dei Fiori” as well as in the eastern regions like Veneto and Friuli : just one example of the whole landscape, are the Brenta River Gardens and Villas.

The areas of interest of our tours cannot be summarized in one simple catalogue; Ask for CUSTOMIZED TOURS !

We show here in enclosed just some of the most interesting sites and destinations like i.e. :

Ancient gardens near Rome , Naples and Pompeii

Medieval cloister gardens and castles throughout Italy

Renaissance gardens - particularly in Florence area, with its mannerist and early baroque gardens ;

Lake maggiore (Borromee Islands) and Lake d’Orta islands : with their marvelous gardens;

Old botanical gardens - in Padua, Vicenza, Parma and other ancient cities of northern Italy.

In Lazio region: Ninfa Gardens , nearby the city of Latina, Tivoli gardens and more;

Ischia Island : Gardens of La Mortella and hot spring water gardens ;

Capri Island : Axel-Munthe gardens

In Veneto, Trentino and Friuli regions we have plenty of proposals for beautiful Palladian villas and hidden gradens on the Brenta river side as well as nearby Dolomites.

Reggia Caserta
Villa d'Este
Villa Grazzano Visconti
Villa Pisani
Ninfa garden Villa Grazzano Visconti Villa Pisani Reggia di Caserta Villa d'Este