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A wide section dedicated to some countries where we organize regular or customized tours (these tours can also be arranged in combination with Italian tours upon request).
We operate (either directly or through local partners agents) special tour for clients who love fly fishing. We have planned and tested several destinations in Europe and in USA. Small size groups of min 4 max 20 passengers are suggested.
A great variety of tours for motorbike lovers: from Italy to USA, South Africa and Japan .
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This section is dedicated to the sport-related tours either for sport teams or for its supporters. Hobby related tours are connected with very special travel occasions : i.e. Air shows, war museums, battlefields tours and so on.
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More info about Sport & Hobbies related tours
In this section we put together the most important religious destination in Europe: Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorie and more.
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The November departure of the Germany, Austria & Switzerland Tour includes visits to several Christmas Markets. Capture the festive holiday spirit as you browse the beautifully decorated outdoor booths where local merchants display their holiday decorations, toys, clothing and edible treats.
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